2022 we’re coming for you! We’re looking forward to welcoming new and returning drivers to our 2022 Caterham Championships, which this year sees the return of an international round and our new Three Nations Cup.

We’ve even got an early bird offer in place. By registering from today, until Friday 7th January, you can save £50.00 on registration. The prices shown below represent the discount already applied, so be sure to get in quick!

Each championship has its own registration section on the parts website, a link for each championship can be found below.

2022 Caterham Roadsport Championship (inc Trackside Support) £1,490.00*
2022 Caterham Seven 270R Championship £495.00*
2022 Caterham Seven 310R Championship £495.00*
2022 Caterham Seven Championship UK £595.00*

There are also multiple Race Support Services available, including the new Roadsport Support Light Package.

Trackside Support Package £995.00*
Available for Seven 270R, 310R and CSCUK Only

With the Trackside Support Package, you gain access to our Caterham Trackside Support Team. A team of technicians are on hand to help if any problems or mishap occur, that way you have the peace of mind that you’ll be able to continue racing all weekend. The only additional cost to you is if new parts are required.

The team are in place at every circuit on the calendar from Friday Testing (often earlier) until Sunday evening. If your car is unable to be repaired at the circuit, it can be recovered to your local Caterham retailer.

Roadsport Light Support Package £3,995.00*
Available for Seven Roadsport Only

An all-new package for 2022. Where team support isn’t allowed at Roadsport level, with the basic Support Package included in the championship, the Light Support Package provides a taste of what its like to work with a full racing team.

Bridging the gap between the Academy and Seven 270R Championships, our technicians are on hand throughout the weekend to provide an additional level of support to ensure that your car is performing at its best at every circuit.

The Roadsport Light Support Package Includes:

  • A technician dedicated to your vehicle and maximum of three others
  • Fuel level checks and refills for the optimal amount
  • Tyre pressure checks and adjustments during testing and race weekends
  • Anti-roll bar adjustments, changes and fitments on at circuit
  • Replace brake pads during race weekends
  • Bleed brakes as and when required

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Caterham retailer.

Caterham Trackside Parts Prices Vary
Available to all Championships.
At every race event, Caterham’s mobile Race Parts Centre; a two-deck articulated lorry full of every part you may need at a race (from servicing to crash repairs); is on hand to ensure that you are never short of an essential part, from brake-pads to complete engines.

Caterham Transportation and Storage Prices Vary
Available to all Championships.

Caterham recognise that one aspect of racing can be challenging for many drivers: the storage and maintenance of a race car. Putting your race car in your garage is one thing, but keeping a trailer (if, like most, you wish to tow your car to events) can be difficult.

That’s why all Caterham retailers up and down the country offer drivers a storage and transportation service to and from events. Include within the service is a degree of regular maintenance and preparation too, ensuring that your car is ready to go when you arrive at the circuit.

*All prices include VAT.

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