Caterham Launches Cater-Ham Sevenses


  • Caterham launches Cater-ham, a new food services division to fuel the brand’s ever-growing fan base
  • Cater-ham’s self-assembly build kits allow users to construct their snacks in just the same way that they do their cars
  • Starting with the classic British combination of ham and cheddar, future iterations will reflect the global nature of Caterham’s sales
  • Find out more about Cater-ham

Caterham has announced the long-awaited next step in its brand evolution: the launch of a DIY snack kit.

Developed to keep avid Seven enthusiasts fuelled throughout the course of their build, powered during a race weekend, or topped-up on a road trip, Cater-ham Sevenses strip the needless faff away from the eating experience, allowing buyers to enjoy the pure, unalloyed exhilaration of ham, cheese and crackers.

While the average Caterham kit car can contain over 870 separate parts, a pack of Cater-ham Sevenses needs just three. All ingredients are locally sourced from supermarkets within a two-mile radius of Caterham’s Dartford production facility, before being hand-stamped into the shape of the iconic Seven sportscar and repackaged by a team of dedicated Cater-ham workers.

While burning one litre of petrol produces around thirty-five Megajoules of energy, lab tests revealed a single 95g pack of Cater-ham Sevenses to contain enough calories to power an adult human for 24 hours straight.

“There’s little chance of a pack of Sevenses adding lightness to anyone who consumes it,” said Graham Macdonald, Caterham’s Chief Executive Officer, “but by simplifying the snacking needs of our customers we leave them with more time to build and drive their beloved Caterham cars.”

The initial Cater-ham offering of ham and cheddar echoes the brand’s classic British heritage, though future offerings will reflect the diverse cuisines of some of Caterham’s most significant export markets.

French buyers can look forward to ham and brie, Dutch customers to ham and gouda, Japanese owners to ham and Sakura and, in due course, shoppers in the USA will be able to purchase Cater-ham with a mini can of artificially flavoured spray cheese.

David Ridley, Caterham’s Chief Commercial Officer, said of the new venture: “Though 2021 saw record car sales for Caterham, we felt that there was still un-tapped potential left in the business.

“The launch of Cater-ham has been a long time coming. By finally branching out to cater ham to Caterham’s loyal customer base, we are capitalising on a highly lucrative market segment, the proceeds of which will be invested directly back into the development of an entire range of ham-based ventures.”

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