You thought that was it for big news?

As you know, we’ve just introduced the smallest and lightest car in our range, the new Seven 170. Naturally, this has spurred us on to attempt our BIGGEST EVER BUILD CHALLENGE.

On Thursday 30th September, in partnership with Halfords Advanced and Avon Tyres, a team of Caterham engineers are setting themselves the daunting challenge of building the new Seven 170 in just 6 hours…

…inside the British Airways i360…

…450ft in the air….

…while it is moving….

…and open to the public.

It will not only be the first time a car has ever been built in one of Britain’s tallest visitor attractions, but the first time a car has been inside the pod at all.

Standing at 450ft, the British Airways i360 is taller than the London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. It also has stunning, 360-degree views of the southern coast and the English Channel from its glass-viewing platform, which car enthusiasts can also enjoy while the vehicle build is in action.

Not only that, but we’ll be also opening the world’s highest car dealership (in a moving structure at least). The pop-up event, supported by Avon Tyres and Halfords Advanced, will showcase not only the new Seven 170, but the very best of the Caterham range and the Grand Tour Seven driven by James May.

Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, said: “This is our lightest ever product so we wanted to launch it in a memorable way. We certainly feel opening the world’s highest car dealership in the British Airways i360 does that while also bringing to life how light the car is.

“In addition to opening the dealership, our team of engineers will showcase one of the most exciting things about our product – that you can build it yourself. We have built cars in interesting places before but never this high. It will certainly add another layer of complexity and excitement to the build.”

Halfords Workshop Buyer Emma Bailey said: “As the official tool suppliers of the Caterham Racing series, we are delighted to be supporting this brilliant event. We supply Halfords Advanced tools to all Caterham Race Technicians across five manufacturer-backed championships, meaning hundreds of drivers benefit from our tools that all come with a lifetime guarantee.”

If you’d like to come along and join the fun, you can book tickets through the BAi360 website.

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