Umzugsgut - ein Caterham aus UK nach DE

Wer kennt sich mit alles Prozeduren aus?
Engländer fragt nach Details …


Ich bin der Engländer!
Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut :grinning:

Any information would be much appreciated. We would be moving in 2024 and the Caterham would be imported as part of a permanent move to Germany. I understand that the headlights will need to be changed but want to understand if anyone else has done this.

I receive differing information on whether I need to be concerned about emissions and noise from the Auspuff (I love that word!).

The car is a 2022 factory built 360R, with LED lights at the front and rear, and right hand drive obviously. You can see it here:

Caterham Gatwick on Instagram: "NEW CAR DAY!! 🙌 Martin is very happy with his new Caterham Seven 360R SV finished in striking volcano red!👌 #caterham #caterham7 #caterhamseven #caterhamgatwick #caterhamcars #motorsport #newcarday #volcanored #volcano #weekenddrive"

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I wouldn’t rush into anything.
Everything can be clarified calmly here on site.
I don’t know how long, but I think that as long as you’re English, you can drive with English licence plates if the Caterham is insured.
Certainly not indefinitely, but for a while.

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Danke Andreas, I have contacted TüvSüd so will see what they respond with.

Hi, schau mal bei CCK vorbei. Gunther Schleier hat jahrelange Erfahrung im Zulassen von verscheidensten Fahrzeugen. Wenn du mich fragst einer der besten den du finden kannst.

Thank you Wurschti, I am already in touch with Gunther even before I posted here :-). We are just waiting for his TüV expert to return from holidays.